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28GHz 28GHz 28GHz 28GHz 28GHz 28GHz The datacentre provides onward connectivity from the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). It’s the home of the data aggregation and server storage location. 1 Using fibre optic cables, the signal travels underground from the datacentre to our network of local street cabinets fitted with the required equipment. Then it moves, high-speed to the 5G New Radio Unit (NRU). 2 5G NRUs are expected to be small enough tofit snuggly and discretely on virtually any structure, meaning rapid roll out and lowoperating costs. Typically, you’ll see them onour existing infrastructure including municipalstreet furniture in 12 London Boroughs.**Arqiva has exclusive licenses to use municipal street furniture in 12 LondonBoroughs; and other UK cities including Manchester and Southampton 3 The superfast signal is beamed directly to yourpremises via an easy to install 5G CustomerPremises Equipment (CPE). Minimal disruption andsuperfast connectivity for all your devices. CurrentUK average speeds are 36Mbps* but 5G FWA hasthe potential to offer in excess of 1Gpbs.*Source: Ofcom, 2016 4 Whether you’re streaming the latestblockbuster, online gaming, or videocalling, 5G FWA delivers 30 to 50 timesfaster speeds than 4G and offers lowlatency/real-time downloads. Set-up isexpected to be simple and requiresminimal time. 5 Using existing cable infrastructure, the signal travels undergroundfrom the datacentre to your local mast and the 5G FWA New Radio Unit (NRU). 2 Fitting discreetly on any of our16,000 existing masts, the 5GNRU uses line of sight to beamsuperfast broadband to homesand businesses. 3 For rural areas with little or no connectivity, 5G FWA is a lightning quick alternative – connecting homes, business and communities to ultra-high-speed connectivity. 4 With access to ultra-high-speed internet, the UK’s digital economy could benefit from the IoT revolution. For example, farming businesses could embrace the agricultural Internet of Things (IoT) - managing and securing stock, protecting premises and much more… 5 Street View Macro View Click or scroll right to learn about the technology that’s set to drive the future of the UK’s digital economy. Datacentre Fibre cable Fibre cable Connection to datacentrefor MNOs and ISP’s